New Book Titled “Space Travel” Impossible to Reality, Written By Al Bond

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New Book Titled “Space Travel” Impossible to Reality, Written By Al Bond

New Book Titled "Space Travel" Impossible to Reality, Written By Al Bond

58% of the American population are fascinated and excited about our space program

When did the space program begin? Why did the man want to fly in space? Why are they so into space?

Was the first American space rocket the Saturn V? Who was our first Astronaut? What was the name of the last NASA astronaut to stand on the moon? Did men lose their lives while we were learning to fly in space?

The new book “Space Travel Impossible to Reality” answers all these questions. The author shares many stories from the floor of Mission Control. Author Al Bond was a member of the Mission Control Team and had a front-row seat to history being made. Al was at his console in Mission Control when Neal Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon. You won’t get any closer than that!

This compelling book is written in first-person perspective and is a fantastic storybook. Al provided thorough knowledge on one of the most remarkable explorations in the history of the world. In addition, the thousands of people at NASA showed their love, struggles, and dedication to putting the man on the moon and returning him safely.

The proceeding chapters provide impeccable detail about the incredible adventure and experiences the members of Mission Control have experienced.

Get ready to witness and live this adventure with the author. This fantastic book is written for you.

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