First Class Personal Training In-Home Personal Training Service Stirs Up Competition Amid Recognition

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First Class Personal Training In-Home Personal Training Service Stirs Up Competition Amid Recognition

Almost17 years after launching the revolutionary Toronto-based in-home personal training service, which gained traction in the fitness industry, First Class Personal Training has once again set the bar high with a campaign that emphasizes an advanced approach to quality, result-driven fitness training. According to the company, the new campaign promotes the right to fitness and health, regardless of needs, schedule, and lifestyle.

A driving force behind First Class Personal Training’s pursuit of in-home fitness training is the belief that well-rounded workout routines shouldn’t be confined to the traditional and expensive fitness centres. The campaign also reflects an understanding that, in this day and age, most fitness trainees have a highly demanding workflow that restricts their engagement in a full-time exercise program.

Understanding such concerns, the company has put even greater care into helping these individuals reach their fitness goals, and maintain those results, through a home-based personal training service. “We believe that in-home fitness training with the right expert can be more effective than attending a gym or fitness centre,” explained First Class Personal Training’s spokesperson.

First Class Personal Training in-home training service combines the benefits of accessing expert personal trainers with the quality and convenience of a home-based workout. Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the following:

Reduced Time Wastage

For most individuals who want to maintain or improve their physical condition, in-home training offers an opportunity to complete workout routines on a much-needed schedule, rather than spending hours at a crowded gym. No need to drive to the gym, find an available spot, and wait for a class – which are some of the biggest time-savers.

Personalized Service

It’s hard to keep track of a fitness trainer when a group of trainees are doing a similar exercise routine and sharing training space at the gym. At home, however, the client has full control over a highly-personalized and private training program. More attention and instructions are provided since there’s a direct line of communication.

Privacy and Comfort

Working out at home provides a sense of comfort. The environment is much calmer than a busy fitness centre, where the sound of blaring music often drowns out the instructor. Besides, trainees need not worry about prying eyes.


According to fitness experts, trainees who seek in-home training tend to be more committed than those who work out in a gym. With an instructor constantly paying attention to their fitness progress, clients are more likely to push themselves during each session.

Less Demand for Equipment

It is possible to develop workout plans around available training equipment in the home. But an added advantage is the fact that training sessions at home are easier to manage even when there is fewer or no training gear.

These perks are a few of the reasons clients choose First Class Personal Training’s in-home personal training service.

About First Class Personal Training

First Class Personal Training is an in-home personal training company based in Toronto. Established in 2005, the company incorporates fitness and nutritional guidance with the convenience of one-on-one training. A team of fitness experts are on call to create a customized plan for each client, designed to suit individual needs and schedules. Each trainer is licensed and matched based on specialty, fitness goals, and availability.

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