ECOM School’s Professor Meir Orenstein and Daniel Oz Shares Insights on Cyber Education and the Cyber Field Hype

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ECOM School’s Professor Meir Orenstein and Daniel Oz Shares Insights on Cyber Education and the Cyber Field Hype

With cyber professionals in high demand, the heads of ECOM School, Professor Meir Orenstein and Daniel Oz, were interviewed to provide insight on the profession and learn whether working in the cyber field lives up to the hype

The need for cyber professionals has grown exponentially since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the fall of 2019. Due to the global lockdown that was issued to curb the spread of the virus, many businesses were forced to move their business online and those who could not do so suffered insolvency and permanent closure. This massive switch led to a rise in the demand for cyber and information security services.

A lot of businesses today use websites, servers, cloud servers, and information systems that must be saved and backed up in secure ways against hacking attempts. They also need to contend with ransomware attacks where hackers gain control of a business’s systems and information. These cases show that there is a need for cyber professionals who can deal with various hacking techniques and sudden cyberattacks.

In a recent interview, founder and director of ECOM School, Professor Meir Orenstein and the Head of Cyber, Daniel Oz, provided an in-depth look at the field and the professional opportunities it offers. When asked why people weren’t rushing to take the entrance exams to study in this field and give themselves opportunities for a better life, Professor Meir Orenstein had this to say:

“It may sound surprising, but many people are just lacking information. Most may have read online or read anecdotally that cyber studies—or studying anything to do with computers or hi-tech, really—are complicated and require high school diplomas, high standardized test scores, or fluent English. For many people, these requirements can seem unattainable, so they give up on the idea entirely. Even worse—they don’t investigate any further. As far as they’re concerned, cyber studies are for gifted individuals or high academic achievers. People are certain that they need to write complex equations, but this really isn’t the case.”

Aside from a knowledge gap in how viable the cyber profession can be, there is also a misconception that becoming a cyber professional requires taking an advanced math course. Lending credence to this misconception, Daniel Oz explained that “there are certain minimum requirements that must be met. After all, the courses are intensive and not something to be undertaken lightly. But people think it’s impossible. At ECOM School, there is an obvious goal: we want to train the people of the future. There is a huge amount of work to be found, and there are also quite a few already working in the field, but not nearly enough with a sufficient level of expertise and excellence, the kind that can truly be trusted with the most important files and systems in the country. This may sound grandiose, but we want to train ‘cyber beasts’ here, and that’s not something that requires a high standardized test score or English at mother-tongue level. What you need is genuine desire and ambition. We’ll take care of the rest.”

On whether the demand for quality professionals drives the high salaries, Orenstein said that “It’s not entirely because of the demand but the importance of the cyber professional’s role. Organizations will pay a lot for a good night’s sleep, for the knowledge that someone is protecting them and their customers, and the knowledge that threats are being mitigated and eliminated. If that means paying five-figure salaries to a quality cyber expert, so be it. That’s the general salary range. You can check.”

Daniel Oz provided clarity on the question of demand driving the high salaries. He explained that “the average monthly salary range for a cyber professional just starting out, meaning a recent graduate or a student working while they study (we have quite a few like that at ECOM School), is around $5,000-7,000. The great thing about this profession is that the salary ranges climb quickly. Someone with a minimal amount of experience can reach $10,000 a month in a relatively short time.”

Undoubtedly, the cyber professional field is a great opportunity to be relevant today and make serious income because of its demand. ECOM School offers cyber security courses to set anyone on the path to a successful cyber career. The school is proud to be the College of Digital and High Tech Professions and the first to study Internet Entrepreneurship in the Ministry of Education curriculum database, and is recognized by CISCO.

Interestingly, all high-achieving and motivated students can apply to the prestigious Harvard University, and if accepted, to study there and work with the top companies in the world. Every student that successfully completes the course at ECOM will be eligible to take Harvard’s entrance exam, which is held remotely.

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