Chinese Company’s Latest Achievement Helps Global Healthcare Providers Diagnose Novel Coronavirus

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Chinese Company’s Latest Achievement Helps Global Healthcare Providers Diagnose Novel Coronavirus

(Reporter: William Shimell)

Covid-19 has been ravaging the world for more than two years, as scientists worldwide from different research directions in the medical field are still fighting against the virus through their tireless efforts.

DEMETICS Medical Technology Co.Ltd is a leading company in China’s smart medical industry, it’s latest thoracic CT+AI+5G scientific research develops a DEMETICS®2019-nCoV system, which has been widely used in more than a dozen countries, and has become one of the most effective imaging intelligence assistance systems for Covid-19 diagnosis.

The latest treatment protocol for Covid-19 issued by the National Health Commission of China and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine pointed out that CT imaging is necessary and one of the important diagnostic criteria. At the same time, with it’s powerful data analysis and feature recognition capabilities – A.I. has been clinically recognized and used in quality control of chest radiograph, detection of lung nodules, differential diagnosis of lung cancer and many other chest diseases. As a result, CT+A.I. has become a cutting-edge research direction in medical imaging and radiology.

Together with the First Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine (the key hospital for the treatment of Covid-19 disease in Zhejiang Province), DEMETICS Medical Technology Co.Ltd developed the DEMETICS® Novel Coronavirus CT imaging intelligent assistance diagnosis system (DEMETICS®2019-nCoV). Dr Chen Zengsi, PhD of computational mathematics from Zhejiang University, visiting scholar of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and one of the main researcher and developer of the system introduced it’s operating mechanism and application scenarios.

Dr. Chen tells the reporter that the DEMETICS® 2019-nCoV system identifies pneumonia lesions intelligently and assists physicians in diagnosis and generates diagnostic reports. Based on A.I. technology, the system is able to screen out highly suspected patients, which  increases virus detection rate and efficiency of medical professionals. It also reduces waiting time for patients and the risk of cross-infection, which significantly reduces the heavy work load in the medical industry and solves the problem of medical personnel shortage.

In addition, the DEMETICS2019-nCoV®system integrates 5G communication technology, thus primary clinics can use remote consultation systems with the help of 5G high data rates, which largely improves their work efficiency, and solves the problem of limited medical resources in major hospitals, and promotes hierarchical diagnosis and treatment.

It is reported that as of the end of last year, the DEMETICS2019-nCoV®system has been put into use in more than 20 Chinese hospitals such as the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine and Hangzhou Xixi Hospital, as well as nearly 30 hospitals and imaging clinics in more than 10 countries including Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa and Mexico.

To this day, the Novel Coronavirus continues to ravage worldwide. Improving the detection rate of the virus, detecting it as early as possible, and treating it as early as possible is the key to prevent further spread of the pandemic. China’s medical technology companies are bringing together scientists in many fields to help the global prevention and control of the epidemic with practical actions.

About DEMETICS Medical Technology Co.Ltd

Founded in 2013,DEMETICS Medical Technology Co.Ltd is committed to conduct research and develop cutting-edge medical products including big data and artificial intelligence in healthcare, machine vision, 3D precision surgical planning, surgical navigation and postoperative evaluation, medical associations and medical community solutions.

This company’s R & D team are renowned experts and scholars from all over the world, who have conducted academic research in many well-established academic institutions such as Zhejiang University in China, Harvard University in the United States, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill UNC, Einstein Research Institute in Germany, University of Tokyo in Japan, University of Chinese in Hong Kong. The company have published a total of nearly 100 academic papers in international authoritative journals. Based on the most advanced basic algorithm theory in the world and the latest research results of image processing, its R&D team has researched and developed many high-performance fast algorithms and mathematical models with strong innovation and distinctive algorithm capabilities.

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