Fight For Life Club’s first supported kid Valeria had a successful Meso Rex Bypass Surgery.

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Fight For Life Club’s first supported kid Valeria had a successful Meso Rex Bypass Surgery.

Fight For Life Club is a non-profit organization that helps patients in need of life-saving organ transplants. The organization has helped save patients with end-stage organ failure with liver, kidney, and pancreas transplants.

Fight For Life Club is happy to announce that Valeria, a child they supported, had a successful Meso Rex Bypass. The organization is now more than ever committed to helping other patients in need of organ transplants find the help they need to live and maintain their health.

The organization emphasizes the importance of sharing in various ways to help those who are most in need of that help. Fight For Life Club was established to create a world where everyone gets a chance to live. The organization also trains healthcare professionals and provides education in organ transplantation.

The cost of healthcare is hefty, and most people cannot afford to get the life-saving treatment they need. Fight For Life Club steps in to help these people secure the organ transplants they need to continue living. “Every person in need of a life-saving organ transplant is a champion, fighting to survive one more day. In order to achieve our mission, we design crowdfunding structures personalized to the people we are supporting; therefore, we focus on the specific needs of the case.”

This approach has helped little Valeria win her fight, and Fight For Life Club is expressing tremendous appreciation to all the people who helped make this a reality. The fight continues as Fight For Life Club invites people to help Fatima, a young girl in need of life-saving surgery scheduled in a month. “Now, you can support Fatima and own one of her NFTs for your collection.”

Besides monetary donations, Fight For Life Club outlines various other ways that people can contribute towards these champions. The organization invites people to share their time by volunteering to help with multiple tasks. People can also share their talents to help further the organization’s mission to help more people get the care they need.

“Giving this opportunity to somebody is the biggest act of kindness and generosity you can ever experience. Give a fighter the chance to win. The chance to live.”

Sharing in Fight For Life Club’s mission, people can launch their own fundraising efforts to appeal to their networks so that they can make donations to save lives. “Rather than just donating, peer-to-peer enables you to leverage your network to expand the reach and increase donations. We will provide coaching that will empower you to succeed.”

Fight For Life Club also invites people to be organ donors to help save lives. “If you wish to donate organs or tissues, you may register for living donations or be interested in donating your organs after you die.” Fight For Life Club provides specific ways that people can be organ donors and articulately outlines what that involves for the donor and the recipient.

Fight For Life Club is built on sharing, donating, compassion and transparency. The organization ensures that donors know exactly how their donations are used and how their contributions have helped in different capacities.

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