Self Tanning Bundles: The Perfect Birthday Gift from Ms. Lova

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Self Tanning Bundles: The Perfect Birthday Gift from Ms. Lova

Self Tanning Bundles: The Perfect Birthday Gift from Ms. Lova
Buy Ms. Lova’s self-tanning bundle and give your loved one the most natural-looking tan
What should you get your tanning-obsessed friend for her birthday? Why not purchase Ms. Lova’s Best-Selling Self-Tanning Bundle? Read the press release here.

In need of a birthday present for one of your friends? Ms. Lova offers multiple bundles and gift sets that will surely have your fake-tan-obsessed friend grinning ear to ear. Why not try the best selling Self Tanning Bundle? That contains Ms. Lova’s Tanning Mousse (Medium or Dark), Ms. Lova’s Hydrating Body Balm, Ms. Lova Self-Tan Remover and Ms. Lova Tanning Mitt. It is a dream combination to incorporate into your self-tanning routine!

Ms.Lova Tanning Mousse  

What makes Ms. Lova Tanning Mousse so good is that it contains all-natural ingredients that develop a gorgeous tan! The tanning mousse contains:

  • Powerful antioxidants and vitamins.

  • Glycerin: aids skin moisture and keeps skin from being dry.

  • Organic Aloe Vera: contains vitamins A and C plus antioxidants and enzymes, which have been proven to do wonders for the skin in retrieving its natural glow!

  • Witch Hazel: proven to ease skin irritations through its ancient healing properties.

  • Vitamin E: works to lock in moisture.

These tanning mouses are non-sticky & streak-free. But the best part of all, their formula fades gradually! Plus, the bundle comes in shades: Fair/Medium and Dark.

Ms. Lova Tanning Mitt

Includes a super soft tanning mitt that provides a streak-free application.

Ms. Lova Hydrating Body Balm

The Ms Lova Hydrating Body Balm is the perfect addition after applying the Ms. Lova Tanning Mousse to finish your self-tanning routine. Here are some of the ingredients included;

  • Avocado oil: overall, repairs skin health.

  • Coconut oil: eases skin irritations & tiredness and helps minimise wrinkles.

  • Vitamin E and C: keeps the skin hydrated.

Ms Lova Self-Tan Remover

This Self-Tan Remover works to remove any fading tan effortlessly. Containing Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Coconut Oil, it leaves your skin feeling luxuriously smooth and ready for another faux tan.

About Ms. Lova

Ms. Lova is an Australian made brand that prides itself on selling luxury natural tanning products to their customers. They have got you covered whether you’re looking to start embarking on self-tanning or wanting to become a part of the Ms. Lova stockists. 

Ms. Lova offers organic tanning and skincare products that create a show-stopping faux tan every time! Their ingredients work to tan your skin and nourish your skin. Plus, the tanning mouses have an express formula that develops in just 1 hour, which will be a lifesaver in those busy moments!

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