The Whales of Wallstreet launches the Web3 space with exciting new NFTs

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The Whales of Wallstreet launches the Web3 space with exciting new NFTs

The Whales of Wallstreet is a newly established crypto platform. It offers distinctive features focusing on Decentralized autonomous organization, Community event planning and Presale and private sale opportunities. Recently it launched its Web3 space with new NFTs.

The WOW team is about to enter the Web3 space with an exciting new NFT, the Whales of Wallstreet. But wait, this isn’t some ordinary PFP, but something much more. Let’s dive in and see what makes the Whales of Wallstreet unlike other NFTs currently available.

Where did their Journey begin?

The inspiration for the Whales of Wallstreet NFT collection comes from crypto enthusiasts who hold enormous amounts of cryptocurrency. Some people in the community like to call them the whales of crypto. These whales share a similar lifestyle to your everyday stockbrokers on wallstreet. Like stockbrokers, whales are obsessed with emerging technologies, day trading, and certainly buying the dip.

The NFT collection consists of 8888 whales with over 100 unique assets. Whales of Wallstreet backgrounds include some famous financial institutions on Wallstreet and Venture capital firms known to be crucial players in the crypto space.

More than just a PFP

Backed by real-world utility

Utility NFTs are without a doubt the backbone behind this emerging technology. NFTs demonstrate several variations possible with blockchain technology through use cases such as early access to products, airdrops, movies, events, and much more. The Whales of Wallstreet NFT aim to offer their unique utility that focuses on three areas.

● Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)

● Community event planning

● Presale and private sale opportunities

The increasing importance of blockchain events

Blockchain events are a cornerstone to ensure a bright future for upcoming projects. However, it comes with its limitations, and it is not without problems. But, when applied accurately, it can handle a wide range of business difficulties that are typically difficult to approach without face-to-face interaction. Businesses can also witness significant growth or the adoption of one’s products.

Since the creation of Bitcoin, the blockchain industry will continue to expand every year. Conferences or events allow businesses to introduce new technologies which challenge old ways of thinking and find new ways to improve the digital ecosystem.

Whales of Wallstreet blockchain events

The WOW NFT gives the ability for community members to take full ownership and plan real-world events and help solve some of the difficulties faced by businesses that are brand new or are yet to enter this space. WOW, holders will determine how events get organized from the start. Vote on a wide range of options from conference locations, themes, activities, live performances, and even special guest speakers who should attend.

Seizing the opportunity

While hosting blockchain conferences, the Whales of Wallstreet DAO seeks out promising and innovative projects for early-stage opportunities. The Whales of Wallstreet DAO gives club members exclusive access to shared revenue for any early-stage opportunity the club may take.

Become a whale and ride the wave

Join the Whales of Wallstreet community and become a whale. Learn more about how you can take ownership of real-world events and help introduce businesses dedicated to improving the blockchain ecosystem.

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