A Selfless ACT: Zicklin School of Business Student Justin Yodice is disrupting human trafficking through his non-profit organization ACT.

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A Selfless ACT: Zicklin School of Business Student Justin Yodice is disrupting human trafficking through his non-profit organization ACT.

ACT is looking for financial support to expand its data and artificial intelligence programs

Justin Yodice, a student of the Zicklin School of Business–Human Rights Advocate and Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer of the non-profit Atlantic Counter Trafficking (ACT), is applying his professional knowledge and technical expertise to serve the greater good and give back to the community. Justin wants to use his experience, skill, and uncanny drive to effectively disrupt human trafficking networks.

Human trafficking is one of the most heinous crimes committed in society, and it is rampant in many parts of the world. It’s estimated that internationally there are between 20 million and 40 million people in modern slavery today. It is important to note that assessing the full scope of human trafficking is difficult because of the nature of the crime often goes undetected, something the United Nations refers to as “the hidden figure of crime.”[1] This is why ACT was created. 

With Yodice’s vast knowledge and experience in finance, he brings a strong backbone and foundation for ACT. Thus allowing his non-profit to scale its operation successfully. Coupled with his expertise as a business owner of an intel-led security firm and his four years of experience in Executive Protection for high-value individuals, Yodice is equipped with an array of unique and desirable skills. Additionally, he brings experience as an Armed Security Guard and eight years of experience as an Emergency Medical Technician. Through his dedication and contributions to his community, Yodice is widely recognized as a Human Rights Advocate. While attending school, he majored in Finance at the Zicklin School of Business.

Justin expressed his gratitude to the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College for providing him with the resources and knowledge he needed to run his non-profit organization successfully.

“ACT is one of the few non-profits in the country that uses intelligence to reduce and mitigate human trafficking in our communities while also assisting law enforcement in holding traffickers accountable. If people lend a helping hand, no one is truly alone in this world,” said Justin.

Atlantic Counter Trafficking (ACT) was founded in 2020 by Nicholas DeFelice and Justin Yodice, to bring about positive change in their Long Island community. Their primary goal is to assist frontline law enforcement officers with identifying human trafficking networks and aid in the recovery of human trafficking victims. Law enforcement is currently under-resourced to effectively combat complex trafficking networks and assist victims in escaping their exploitative bonds. Both law enforcement and victims require help and support.

ACT is developing cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) based software to accomplish its anti-trafficking mission. Their AI’s will also be made available to law enforcement agencies nationwide.  ACT’s software will autonomously and accurately identify human trafficking-related activity on the open web and dark web. ACT is working on two separate AI to help with investigations and provide admissible evidence in court. The AI is programmed to go after a trafficker’s essential process, leaving no room for them to hide or conceal their illegal activities.

In the future, ACT intends to use the same AI to provide data solutions to law enforcement and help combat illegal activities in the community.

For those who are interested in donating can visit: 




For updates, follow them on social media @actnowusa

About Justin Yodice:

Justin Yodice is an American Human Rights Advocate and Co-Founder/Chief Financial Officer of the Non-profit Organization Atlantic Counter Trafficking (ACT). ACT is dedicated to ending Human Trafficking by providing actionable intelligence on trafficking networks to Law Enforcement. Justin is also the Founder and CEO of Ironside Intelligence (II), a defense company that equips local governments and Law Enforcement with mission-critical data for investigations. Being a passionate Anti-Human Trafficking Advocate, Justin is also a proud Ambassador for Turning Point USA, Wrestling Coach, Emergency Medical Technician for his community, and Athlete/MMA competitor. In 2017, Justin attended Baruch College pursuing a degree in Finance.


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