Hollywood News: Powerhouse Actor & Exec. Producer Glenn Ratcliffe Making Mark With ‘tested’ Movie – Invest, Contribute, Let’s Make It Global

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Hollywood News: Powerhouse Actor & Exec. Producer Glenn Ratcliffe Making Mark With ‘tested’ Movie – Invest, Contribute, Let’s Make It Global

News on the latest movie ‘Tested’ starring Glenn Ratcliffe. – Actor & Exec. Producer Glenn Ratcliffe is on a mission with his latest movie to change the world.

Glenn Ratcliffe is a multi-talented actor, producer, and writer. Glenn has over 35+ years of experience in the entertainment industry from starring to film, theater and many popular tv-series including the longest running TV-Series Days of Our Lives and Baywatch Nights with David Hasselhoff!

He has been interviewed around the world including China, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, India and United States for his work!


Actor Glenn Ratcliffe has over 60 credits officially confirmed on IMDB that include credits for acting, writing, producing and song writing! Glenn is respected by industry pro’s, his cast-mates, and is an extremely talented actor. Glenn Ratcliffe is primarily known for his distinct, deep, alluring voice, along with his ability to be versatile in roles of all kinds of genres!  Glenn Ratcliffe can be seen as the main character on Justin Bieber’s new music video and hit song called ‘Ghost’. The music video starring Justin Bieber, Diana Keaton, Glenn Ratcliffe has reached hundreds of millions of viewers around the globe making  Actor Glenn Ratcliffe a familiar face around the world! In the clip, Glenn portrays Justin Bieber’s grandad and husband of Diana Keaton, in a very sincere way providing a sense of family and comfort on set! From start to end, music video captures the emotions that Justin Bieber and Diana Keaton have revolving around Glenn Ratcliffe!  The video has been released and has become a hit, it is available on all major outlets. Make sure you look up ‘Ghost’ on YouTube to watch!

Glenn Ratcliffe Talks his motivation in a recent interview:

“What motivates me is the current state of humanity and I feel every artist who’s been gifted with the gift of expression has an obligation to shine a light on darkness, raise the consciousness of the world and make the world a better place.”

With a successful career in entertainment, Glenn Ratcliffe is set to make his mark in Hollywood and around the globe with his remarkable new film, ‘Tested,” that is set out to make an impact to all audiences around the world. Read more as we dive into the film and the movement!


INVEST IN A MOVIE AND IN A MOVEMENT TO CHANGE THE WORLD: The movie ‘Tested’ captures a powerful meaning along with an important message that is set out to give a chain reaction for good and enlightenment around the world.  ‘Tested’ the film, is set out to transform and power others to change their daily ways in order to save the planet and to free their minds from daily standards. If you are curious to see what is beyond and get into a new level of thinking, ‘Tested’ is a movie you need to stay tuned for!

Lets make a change! Support the Film and Donate here today:  


Inspiration behind the movie: Glenn Ratcliffe was inspired to create ‘Tested’ while he was in Taiwan discovering the Quan Yin Technique by master Chi Hai, a reincarnation of Buddha. Glenn developed a greater spiritual senses in all faculties. He explains in a recent interview that ‘Tested‘ is a book of revelation that is in real time’.  It will enlighten and open the mind in great ways to free yourself from distractions of society that are formed for us.

Deeper dive into the film:  Tested is described to be about: ”An enlightened minister’s faith with God is questioned as he seeks justice for the death of his wife. With his best friend also in the firing line, the road to redemption is clouded.” 

Talented Cast & Crew – Credits to the making of ‘Tested’: ’Tested’ is written, produced and starring Actor Glenn Ratcliffe as the role of Glenn Macintosh, Actress Daniella Bisutti as the role of Amara, and Actor Glenn Plummer as role of Barry Miller.  The film is directed by Adisa an award-winning director, producer, and philanthropist.  Stefan Colson is director of photography. Darryl Marshak, is listed as executive producer of the film.  Darryl Marshak is a reputable talent agent known for forming careers of top Hollywood Actors Ray Liotta (Goodfellas), Richard Farnsworth (The Silver Fox), Phil Hartman (Saturday Night Live). He is also apart of The Academy Of Motion Picture & Sciences & The Television Academy and has produced films with many Hollywood Celebs including Eva Longoria, Matthew McConaughey, Gary Oldman, Peter Dinklage, Kate Beckinsale, and Patricia Arquette. Jewels Lubin of  Dreyluca Productions  is a producer of the film.  Ben Madeley a professional British screenwriter is also listed in the making of Tested. Acting Coach credits go to the legendary Bernard Hiller known for coaching A-listers including Samuel L Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Deepak Chopra, Lindsay Lohan, Vanessa Hudgens, Cameron Diaz and many more.

What others are saying about Actor & Execute Producer Glenn Ratcliffe

”Working with Glenn was one of the most memorable experiences that I have had on set. His performance left me, the director, going home feeling torn apart from the emotional and realistic masterpiece he has provided us with. Not only is he fantastic with what he does, he is genuinely a brilliant man with limitless knowledge and wisdom who I feel anybody would be missing out on not having him on set. I absolutely thank him for his time working with us and am truly grateful.”- Zachary Pierce ( Director.Writer/Editor known for ‘The Time We Spend’ film)

“Wow. What can I say about Glenn that hasn’t already been said. Glenn is a hard worker, actor, producer, writer, and director, and leads the new movement that feeds off his upcoming film, “Tested”. If you support change, love, hope, and light, offer donations, or partnerships to help Glenn finish his project, stopped and deterred by COVID, when he returned an approximate $6 million investment that would have helped him complete this important film and movement. Glenn is easy to work with, extremely communicative, and one of the nicest Scots you will ever meet. Be sure to take a look at his IMBd page, too. Thanks, Glenn for allowing me to take part in promoting your endeavor. You won’t be disappointed working with Glenn in the entertainment industry.” – Colin Munro Wood ( Accomplished Professional Writer, Actor, Singer and Recording Artist )

Film critic Shigehiko Hasumi says: “Intelligence is nothing but the power that appears in the actions performed by by those who can concretely imagine “what can I do?” That’s why Glen Ratcliffe is an intelligent actor… “Tested” is a gospel of a modern movie producer by the great intellect Glenn Ratcliffe…”


Lets save the world, humanity and make a change!  With a great team backing the film, ’Tested’ is an exhilarating feature film with talented actors, and a strong meaning that will make a change around the world. ‘TESTED’ is open to more investors and producers to collaborate with in order to take this film to the level it is meant for and have a global reach.  Make sure you support ‘Tested’, contribute and join the movement with people around the world! See official links below about the movie and how to join.

CONFIRMED NEWS: Glenn Ratcliffe just finished writing and composing a song called “The Clearance”. The song is confirmed to be the official soundtrack for Tested the movie and the song also has a purpose to become a global anthem for peace. 





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