Survival Response Launches a New Program for Workplace Violence Crisis in Healthcare

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Survival Response Launches a New Program for Workplace Violence Crisis in Healthcare

The program aims to mitigate incidents of violence against healthcare workers.

Workplace violence in the healthcare industry is a worldwide phenomenon that has taken a deep root, existing for decades. According to the 2018 data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 73% of all nonfatal workplace violence incidents involve healthcare workers, with fatal cases averaging 20 a year. Due to underreporting, numbers are estimated to be higher. It continues to escalate over the years as the huge gap left by current strategies for solving violence against healthcare workers remains unfilled. Survival Response LLC, a leading expert security consulting company, answers the call with a new program to minimize the potential threat to healthcare professionals.

“It’s time for a holistic approach to reducing the violence against our healthcare workers,” says Gene Petrino, founder of Survival Response LLC.

The program is designed to fill the gaps left by ineffective and antiquated strategies. Not only does it focus on ensuring the safety of workers, but also on improving morale and minimizing potential damages and costs incurred. The goal is to educate participants to recognize the elements of workplace violence, lower their risk of being in such a dangerous situation, and teach them how to survive.

The program touches on effective response techniques developed from over 50 combined years of law enforcement expertise and real-world experiences. It also features lessons on situational awareness, de-escalation techniques, threat assessments, and the legalities involved in preventing workplace violence. This includes policy development or having a clear reporting structure for workplace violence, post-incident review reporting, investigation, and documentation.

While most cases aren’t fatal, the consequences of nonfatal incidents are still dire. They can lead to mental health conditions such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, poor self-esteem, and burnout. It can also profoundly impact one’s professional growth and the quality of care to patients.

Like all other employees, healthcare workers have a right to a safe workplace.

As healthcare industries continue to grow over the next decade, it’s become necessary, now more than ever, for governing bodies to support employees and ensure an environment conducive to working. This necessitates the development of policies and decisive actions that effectively mitigate workplace violence. Partnering with Survival Response LLC can be the first step to that.

Following its motto, “Ad vita Paramus” or “We are preparing for life,” Survival Response LLC is confident in equipping healthcare professionals with the knowledge and the skills to prevent and respond to workplace violence – even the most extreme threats such as active shooters.

Learn more about Survival Response LLC and its new program here:

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