Over 2,000 Kids and Families Have Been Empowered through Martial Arts at CD Young’s Karate in Henderson

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Over 2,000 Kids and Families Have Been Empowered through Martial Arts at CD Young’s Karate in Henderson

In the past 10 years, CD Young’s Karate has shaped the character, confidence, focus and fitness of over 2000 students through strategic martial arts training.

When C-D. and Michele Young established CD Young’s Karate, they made it their mission to empower individuals to be the best versions of themselves and to create lasting family and community connections. This mission was a direct result of the desire to give kids and families a safe, positive, growth-oriented space to become character-driven and confident people.

Through 30 years of mentoring kids, teens and adults in martial arts, Young has seen amazing benefits in the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of the students and families that he works with.

At CD Young’s Karate, students learn how to use tools like the ability to speak up for themselves, how to make the right choice even if no one else is watching, and how to build relationships with others through activities and training.

According to Young, “Kids and teens are in a unique situation in their life when they are trying to build their sense of self and create an identity to shape their life choices. At such a critical point in their development, we know how important it is that not only are they surrounded by good role models, but are also presented with opportunities to experience different life situations within a supportive community.

“The bigger lesson in all of this is how we build traits like discipline, integrity, teamwork, and more as a natural function of their mindset to create a positive sense of self. These are future leaders, champions, CEOs, inventors and core community members. We believe it is our task to grow their character, confidence and connection to others in order to one day positively impact and contribute to our community.”

Now that CD Young’s Karate has empowered over 2,000 kids, teens and adults to become the best version of themselves, the next goal is 20,000. Young is currently working on plans to increase community involvement and outreach to support the efforts of local schools and youth organizations in Henderson and Las Vegas.

More information can be found on their website (https://www.karatenv.com/) and Facebook page (CD Young’s Karate). Contact C-D. Young at 702-518-7727 and [email protected].

About CD Young’s Karate

Established in 2012 by C-D. and Michele Young, along with Gary Young, CD Young’s Karate is a karate school focused on age-specific development and training with a mission to empower 20,000 kids, teens and adults through martial arts to grow in character and confidence skills in order to create powerful and lasting connections and positively impact their community.

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