Drain Clog Repair Services Are Available in Lake Stevens, WA

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Drain Clog Repair Services Are Available in Lake Stevens, WA

Drain Clog Repair Services Are Available in Lake Stevens, WA

It is easy to overlook and forget about the home’s plumbing system when dealing with day-to-day life. However, if someone goes wrong, issues may arise. It can also be hard to know what to do or where to turn.

Before reaching for a dangerous drain cleaner, a better option is to call the professionals at Apollo Plumbing. If someone attempts to fix a clogged drain on their own, the efforts may be ineffective, and they could do more harm than good to their drains and entire plumbing system. To help ensure the drains in a home remain working properly, get to know the top signs of a clog or similar issue. If these problems are seen, contacting https://www.apolloplumbing.net/ is recommended.

Standing Water

If someone has water that will not drain from their washing machine or sink, it indicates a problem. Another sign of an issue is if someone takes a shower and there is standing water in the bottom of the tub.

If there is water in a sink or tub, it is a sign of a clog in the pipes. It may be caused by gunk, hair, or something else – the bottom line is that the water cannot move through the pipe.

Unclogging and cleaning the drains is the only way to ensure the pipes are restored to proper function. If it is clogged to a point where no water can move through, it is time to call in professionals from https://www.apolloplumbing.net/plumbing-services-in-lake-stevens/.

Slow Flowing Drain

Does it take a sink or bathtub longer to fully drain than what is usual? If so, there may be a clog or blockage somewhere in the pipe. As more time passes, substances put down the drain like food, grease, hair, and soap will accumulate in the pipes. The build-up will grow and eventually a blockage will form.

The slow-moving drain becomes an even bigger issue if a homeowner does not have their pipes cleaned and maintained properly. Handling this type of issue as soon as it is noticed will help to save frustration and money down the road.

Bad Smells

Is there a weird odor in the home, but no one can pinpoint where it is coming from? If so, it may be the drain. Even if a drain is working properly, sewage may still be building up inside the pipes. A professional drain cleaning service can eliminate any clog that is causing the bad odor. They have the tools and equipment to reach the source of the problem and make sure this is done safely without causing any damage to the pipes.

Do Not Wait to Call a Plumber for Help

Sometimes a clog may not seem like that big of a deal, and the truth is, it may not be. However, as time passes, and the clog gets worse, more serious issues can arise. By calling for help at the first sign of a problem, a homeowner can feel confident that the issue will be addressed and fixed, regardless of how serious or big the clog is.

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