Verse Nation Makes History As The First 100% Black-Owned Music Streaming Service

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Verse Nation Makes History As The First 100% Black-Owned Music Streaming Service

Innovative online music distribution platform, Verse Nation, set to disrupt the entertainment industry by giving artists the exposure needed to become entrepreneurs in the music business

Verse Nation is the first 100% black-owned streaming service and exclusive online marketplace for musicians. Founded by Lamont Davis, the online platform is set to create the next generation of successful entertainers, turning more artists into millionaires than the industry has produced in the last 20 years.

Our platform makes collaborating monetizing and consuming music much easier and more enjoyable. Imagine being able to access tools and inspiration to make your craft better and profit from what you create in one place. You become your own master and you’ll own your own masters too!” said Lamont Davis, President of Verse Nation Marketplace LLC.

On a serious note, I joined this team because I saw this entirely untapped piece of the market where we could bring justice to those who are talented or even just one-hit wonders that have been left out of the profits. Our system will make us the most sought-after record label in history,” said Aniya Betts, Executive Assistant.

The music industry has grown over the years, with a Statista report revealing that the total revenue of the global music industry amounted to $53.77 billion in 2018. The digital music industry has also been on the rise in the last decade, accounting for over half of all the revenue generated by the music industry in 2017. However, tons of talented artists do not get value for their works, with the available streaming platforms getting a huge chunk of the revenue generated, a phenomenon Verse Nation is set to challenge.

The user-friendly Verse Nation is designed to meet the diverse needs of all musically-inclined artists, giving them the platform to monetize their talent and collaborate with other creative minds to become more profitable. The 100% black-owned streaming service is particularly great as it does not only help artists to monetize their talents but also allows them to get paid for as much as 15 times more than Spotify and paying more than Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube combined.

Verse Nation comes as a movement that offers a comprehensive solution to the entertainment industry as a streaming service, online artist marketplace, and record label. In addition to turning artists into entrepreneurs, Verse Nation also helps fans to access exclusive content from their favorite artists, becoming the only streaming service that allows fans and business interest to be able to find everything they are looking for from an artist.

About Verse Nation Marketplace LLC

Verse Nation Marketplace LLC was founded by Lamont Davis, a community activist, radio personality, author, and serial entrepreneur as the first 100% black-owned streaming service and exclusive online marketplace. The platform aims to help artists to monetize their talent, giving them the exposure to reach their fans and other stakeholders in the industry and get value for their content.

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