The Trade-Offs Music – Music in The Land of Northern Tundra

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The Trade-Offs Music – Music in The Land of Northern Tundra

The Trade-Offs Music - Music in The Land of Northern Tundra
Like every other region in the world, people of Northern Tundra have a growing interest in the music of all genres. The Trade-Offs is a leading music band of the Northern Tundra.

Tundra is a region around the northern parts of North America, Europe, and Asia. Most of the Tundra region is located above the Arctic circle and has pretty low temperatures with short growing seasons. The word ‘tundra’ belongs to the Russian family and is originated from the word Kildin Sámi meaning ‘treeless’. 

Tundra region was inhabited thousand years ago. Mostly Eskimos, known as Inuit dominate the region of Tundra. However, other indigenous tribes like, Inupiat, Alutiiq, Aleut, and Siberian Yupik have also settled in permanent villages and towns across the region. These people live along the coast and their main feed is seafood. 

People of Tundra have a rich taste in music. They live close to nature and most of their music comprises natural animal sounds, rain sounds, sounds of the steppe, etc. Sometimes such sounds can also be reproduced using different musical instruments like bark trumpets, drums, Jews harps, but also with the help of human voice. 

Trade-Offs Music is a leading iconic music band of the northern Tundra region. It is known for its deeply menacing voice played against rock and roll music. The leading members of the band are Joshua Qaumariaq and Jeff Maurice. The two leading vocalists are supported by numerous musicians, especially from the region of Iqaluit-a city in Canada. The band is also quite popular amongst native Canadians. 

What Trade-Offs Music Has in Store for You?

The best part about The Trade-Offs music band is that their songs are not limited to their native language. The songs produced by Trade-Offs are a beautifully balanced blend of Inuktitut and English language. Their songs cover a large variety of themes ranging from the proximity of closeness and peace of solitude to invigorating lightness and frightening darkness. There is something in store for every one of you. Their songs reach the depths of the soul and have touched hundreds of human beings since their release. Trade-Offs is a staple music band of the Iqaluit region and has performed all over Canada in various kinds of largescale and small-scale music festivals. Lastly, their website has a wide variety of writeups guiding you regarding everything you need to know about record players.

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