Kasey Yale Releases New Single ‘Gold’

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Kasey Yale Releases New Single ‘Gold’

USA – Kasey Yale has an upbeat attitude. He’s a pop and hip hop artist who wants to inspire through his music. He aims to write through his soul. His music is just the conduit of the mark that he wants to leave on people’s lives. The lessons that he expresses are simple. He doesn’t want people to feel alone.

In a world where we are feeling more isolated than ever, musicians that want to speak to their audience are welcome. We find ourselves turning to music and any other human comfort as we are reluctant to go out and socialize in large groups. Therefore, when Kasey Yale wants to tell people that they are not alone, they should definitely listen up. There are performers with the heart to reach into people’s homes and let them feel a sense of interconnectedness through the art.

Additionally, you should listen to what else the man has to say. In his Post Malone sounding lyrics, he wants to inspire people that everything is possible. This could possibly be what we need to hear as we struggle to understand where the new normal will lie. It’s a societal adjustment that we have to make, so it’s no small wonder that we’re feeling a little bit uninspired.

You also need to remember to never quit. It’s a lesson that is worth driving home. Those of us that persevere through the hard times are generally rewarded with companionship, joy, lessons, and even sometimes wealth. That’s what the power of music can show up. When you have an artist that preaches these words, you know you should listen up. It’s the type of music that has a powerful good intention behind it. It’s vital to keep those gems close to us. Playing Kasey Yale’s music will be a way that you can do good for your own soul.

You may even liken Kasey Yale to Earthgang. You will like the rap like beats and the way that Kasey spits it out. “Funny That” is a great album that is worth buying so that you can cruise to it in your car. You will find that you get a great sense of enjoyment out of it.

Ultimately, you will feel that you get a lot of bang for your buck with this soul food music wrapped in a hip hop package. It’s produced by Difinitiv, Adam Salaah!, and Bbaker. They show that when great minds come together with insane talent, magical results can occur.

If you want an artist that you can relate to in a genre that you actually enjoy, then “Funny That” is your album. Kasey Yale is destined to make a positive mark on everyone he meets through his music and his general life approach.

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