New Talketer Podcast episode shares insights on brand marketing during COVID-19

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New Talketer Podcast episode shares insights on brand marketing during COVID-19

Talketer Podcast’s recent episode with brand marketing expert Natalie Zensius sheds light on various aspects of branding with examples of leading brands and also talks about brand survival during challenges like COVID-19.

Washington D.C. – September 4, 2020 – Great news for entrepreneurs and marketers in search of expert advice on branding. Talketer Podcast has recently launched a new episode which shares pro insights on brand marketing straight from a seasoned marketing executive. The podcast also talks about brand survival in times of challenges such as COVID-19 pandemic.

Titled “Brand Marketing w/Natalie Zensius”, the podcast was launched in August and it’s the third podcast from Talketer. Zensius is a senior marketing executive in the finance industry, with specialization in integrated B2B marketing, brand strategy, sales activation and enablement as well as corporate communications. The podcast was hosted by Nick Andrews, veteran marketer and the founder of Talketer.

Per Zensius, although colors and logos are important in branding, those are not the only things that are crucial. The senior marketing executive stressed on the fact that everything about a company matters when it comes to creating strong branding that can create a lasting impression. A major aspect here is alignment of employees with brand values and mission so that they can become the ambassadors of the brand. Interestingly, Zensius noted even former employees could also play a significant part in promoting the branding of a brand if they had positive experiences while working in the company.

She also emphasized that the branding of an organization even depends on the experiences of customers. If a customer develops a positive experience about a brand, s/he would like to share it with other fellow customers and that would go a long way in promoting the brand of a business.

“Your brand could essentially be your business management tool and business management strategy. You are using it not just to shape your advertising or to close sales but also to shape the experience of your employees. Not only that, you are even using it to shape the experience of your customers. At the end of the day, all people play a role in the growth and sustainability of your organization”, stated Zensius.

The podcast touched on examples of some of the leading brands like UPS, T-Mobile, Home Depot, and more, to show how their branding strategies have been able to leave a lasting impression in the consumer niche.

Going further, Zensius stressed it’s not uncommon for a business to suffer a negative impact on branding due to sudden accidents. Andrews and Zensius discuss the example of thr Capital One hack which ruined consumer trust by a great extent. But, in those cases, Zensius suggested the brand has to take some extra steps forward to show they are putting serious efforts to recover from the setback and are equipped to deliver once again. 

While asked on branding survival during unanticipated challenges like COVID-19, Zensius pointed out such incidents might want a brand to make some major modifications in infrastructure, workforce, operations etc. – but the brand does not have to change its core mission and vision overnight.

“Crisis like COVID-19 and similar will come and go. But, that doesn’t mean you will need to change your branding overall to sustain in the market. You might have to make a few changes or modifications but you won’t need to change your mission or vision overall. I have seen those brands that hold a clearly articulated brand purpose, a solid understanding of brand values, need not introduce a slew of major changes to survive in the marketing during this (COVID-19) pandemic. It’s because they have always been very clear about how to take care of employees and customers – the two core values that influence branding. They have continued to do the same in the present crisis and hence the pandemic couldn’t affect their branding status.”

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