New clinic management software dramatically improves efficiency and profitability

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New clinic management software dramatically improves efficiency and profitability

Frisco, Texas – Sep 1, 2020 – You went to school to be a doctor. You want to make a difference in the lives of your patients and those in your community, to help them to not only be healed from illness and injury, but to see them thrive. You did not spend night after night in the library studying to become a workflow and business maximization expert. That’s why MDSalesbook takes care of your clinic’s business details for you, freeing you up to focus on patients.

Even before a patient arrives in your clinic, MDSalesbook streamlines all of the details around their visit, reducing the amount of non-medical tasks that need to be undertaken by clinic staff. The easy to use, cutting-edge technology combines features normally found in several different software programs and brings them all under one software bundle. MDSalesbook begins the time management process starting from the moment a patient contacts your clinic.

The software features two online booking system for patients, freeing up your reception staff for other tasks and providing patients with greater and more convenient access to the clinic. The first is a website based chat bot, the second is an easy to use online scheduler. Once an appointment is booked, patients will receive an automated link which will allow them up upload their insurance card. 24 hours prior to the appointment, MDSalesbook provides clinic staff with detailed patient eligibility, reducing clinic losses. To ensure that no appointments are missed, MDSalesbook automatically sends all patients a friendly reminder notification. Fewer missed appointments mean greater productivity and enhanced profitability.

MDSalesbook’s features only get better once the patient is in the clinic. The software provides effective time management tracking. Staff can generate payroll reports and send them to their payroll company. The billing dashboard feature is where MDSalesbook really shines. Rather than the standard month-to-month billings overview, clinics have access to easy to interpret details, thanks to a color-coded dashboard which is updated daily, giving staff the most accurate and up-to-date information at a glance. Since constant improvement and innovation is at the heart of every successful business, MDSalesbook integrates a review/reputation management system which allows patients to provide both positive and constructive feedback.  

“We built MDSalesbook because we saw a need for it in the marketplace,” explains Abhilash Donepudi, founder of MDSalesbook. “The doctors we were interacting with were spending too much time running the business side of their clinic and were bogged down with billing, paperwork and administrative tasks. The software they did have was handling piecemeal tasks. One program was for patient bookings, another for billing, and another for time management. None of the programs were integrated or able to communicate with each other. We know that maximizing a clinic’s effectiveness and profitability are only possible when the clinic can see an overview of what is going on. Are there bottlenecks with billing? Are too many patients not showing up to appointments? With MDSalesbook it’s easy to see where the issues are and to address them quickly. Thanks to automation, most of the small, time consuming administration work is already taken care of by the program.”

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