VNDL Project Inc. Offers A New Perspective On The Nutraceutical Industry

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VNDL Project Inc. Offers A New Perspective On The Nutraceutical Industry

The nutraceutical Industry in North America is a rapidly growing business sector that accounted for over $36 billion in revenue in 2018, and is projected to have a growth of 1.8% per year

KELOWNA, CANADA – October 31, 2019  VNDL Project Inc. (VNDL is pronounced as Van·dal), is a brand new company founded in Kelowna, Canada and this is very apparent in their marketing; distinct with visually stunning local murals, and beautiful outdoors imagery. The team at VNDL Project Inc. has stated that their desire is to bring forward innovative and unique premium products that are backed by science, transparent, and safe.

Speaking to the CEO of VNDL Project Inc., Mahmoud Hashish, he had the following to say: “The industry is too focused on details like margins, marketing, and essentially money, and not on the real goal of offering products in this space: helping people reach their personal goals through the use of dietary supplements; whether it be for sports nutrition, general health – anything. Our products will be designed to be premium products that not only taste amazing, but are also safe to consume and provide an experience we want the brand to be associated with: success and happiness.”

While discussing the brand further, and what truly makes this brand unique to others in the industry, their CEO responded with: “This is a project that has been several years in the making now. My business partners and I have spent over a decade in various areas of this industry. I feel our experiences in this industry are extremely important for our company because we want to create products we wish had been available to us as consumers: products that are safe, compliant, scientifically backed, completely transparent labels that don’t hide the dose of an ingredient behind proprietary blends designed to confuse consumers than actually protect intellectual property, and to have third party testing available on our products. This is a compromise we are not willing to make.

Third party testing protects consumers; enabling them to have access to laboratory testing performed by third party laboratories that report what is within the product. Our mantra is to “Never Settle”, whether it be striving to do your best, or from our personal perspective, of providing truly premium products that do not cut corners, and this something we hold ourselves accountable to. Companies over the years have gone overboard with their marketing claims, and I think we’re starting to see a shift from companies to be more honest with their product claims.”

When pressed with how they plan to tackle such large problems in the industry, their CEO responded with, “Innovation is our secret weapon. When we create a product, we go through several iterations before we finally nail down a formula that meets our standards in taste, efficacy, safety, and compliance. We do not use any ingredients that do not have GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status. We also have our own internal network of people to beta test products; that way any product that reaches a consumer’s hand has been extensively tested by us prior to it ever being for sale.

All the products will have a section on the website that is easily accessible showing all third party laboratory testing documents for our products. We want to highlight our transparency, and to let consumers have the safety of mind that what is stated on the label is contained in the product, and that the product is also not adulterated with any hidden ingredients not stated on the label; a rampant issue in our industry when you see the studies coming out of Harvard University, and athletes failing doping tests using products that are adulterated with ingredients not present on the supplement facts label (2, 3, 4).

In addition, our plan is for us to donate a portion of proceeds to charity. We decided with this approach to take a two pronged approach: half to a national charity that focuses on helping youth participate in events, such as sports, that they may not otherwise be able to afford, and half to a local charity. We are a local company, and having a local charitable presence is important to us. Volunteering and charitable donations is something that has long been normal for partners in our company, and this is something we plan on continuing with our new company, VNDL Project Inc.”

The plan for the company at this time is to be direct to consumer, with possibly retail down the line, with their CEO stating, “We have meetings set up with large vendors in the near future in terms of retail, and we are excited to see how the brand grows over time.” VNDL Project Inc. plans on releasing their first product, the self-titled name of the product being VANDAL, in time for Boxing Day 2019.

The FDA has stepped up efforts this year on compliancy (5), and as the FDA continues to add more and more ingredients they consider to not be dietary supplements (i.e. they do not meet the criteria to be considered a natural, dietary supplement), a company like VNDL Project Inc. is a breath of fresh air in an industry rampant with so many trust issues.

VNDL Project Inc. can be found at, and @vndlproject on Instagram.


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