New Australian Boardgame, Tremor, Seeds change by Planting Real Trees

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New Australian Boardgame, Tremor, Seeds change by Planting Real Trees

• ‘Tremor’ is a new, Australian designed board game about displaced animals, natural disasters and climate change.

• The project is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter. With every copy funded, The Curly Bros are planting 5 trees through NGO, TreeSisters.

Sydney, NSW – October 29th, 2019 – Tremor, a board game by Australian designers Curly Bros Games, is going into its last two weeks on Kickstarter, has already achieved its funding target, funded 1500 Trees and is looking to seed many more. After launching on October 8th, Tremor has already secured rave reviews from reviewers and designers, including the likes of The Dice Men Cometh, Unfiltered Gamer, and Blood on The Clocktower.

Tremor has been developed by two mates from Sydney; best friends turn indie game designers. They met in university through the Sydney Uni Revue scene. With a shared love of gaming, a passion for the environment, and the desire for creative work, Tremor was perfect for their first project together

Over two years, Jonah and Julian developed a tense, gripping board game that also highlights a pressing social issue — climate change. This is reflected in the game’s storyline, but also in their whole business. For every copy of Tremor that is funded, they have committed to planting 5 trees, with over 1500 trees already guaranteed. The game is themed around displaced animal species, who must make their way back to their last remaining natural habitat, following the climate-change apocalypse.

“I like to describe it as a strategic, chaotic race for survival, set in a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by climate change,” says Jonah, one of the Curly Bros and co-designer of Tremor.

Tremor is a 2-4 player game that plays in roughly 45 minutes. Tremor currently features 10 different playable animal species. Curly Bros Games has plans to introduce further animals as the Kickstarter campaign hits larger funding goals.

Curly Bros Games is working with a global NGO called ‘TreeSisters’ to plant 5 trees for every copy of Tremor that gets funded. The trees will be planted around the world in reforestation areas that aid the local communities, and have the highest chance of survival.

Julian, the other Curly Bro explained why the tree-planting initiative is so important to them. “There’s a lot of emissions associated with production and distribution in any industry. So it was important for us to offset that somehow. The trees through TreeSisters are a great solution. Five trees per copy could be a lot of trees if the campaign takes off.”

The Curly Bros are also producing Tremor through FSC certified manufacturers with FSC certified materials. This ensures that the wood, paper and cardboard is sourced from socially and environmentally sustainable forests.

The purpose of Curly Bros Games is to create unique games, include innovative mechanics, while committing to sustainable creation through their board game publishing. Founded in 2018, CBG is made up of Julian and Jonah, who have big dreams for its future. They are striving to incorporate ethical practice into CBG from the outset. With their first release, they hope to establish Tremor as a household name in board games, and seed many forests.

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